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'Cause one voice is enough
to make sleeping giants wake up
To make armies put their hands up
and watch whole nations stand up
It’s one belief, one spark,
one faith and one restart
And we can reboot the whole chart
before it all falls apart
Thousand Foot Krutch: Untraveled Road (via rhimeanimal)

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Yeeeeessssss! And I know what you mean about Castle, it’s so freaking weird.

I love it!    I think it’s so easy to do because Castle’s and Beckett’s personalities are very similar to Travis and Wes.  So all the Caskett moments and such are easily turned into Wesvis, because it’s very easy to see Travis and Wes interacting the same way.

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Ladyhawke AU - in which person A is a knight traveling with animal!person B by day, then at night Person A transforms into an animal and Person B turns into a person. Neither have a higher sense of thought in their animal forms and do not recognise their human lover, leaving the couple doomed to be “Always together, eternally apart”.

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