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I need a Leverage!Common Law AU, or something!

Just imagine it.  Sutton being the Mastermind, Dr. Ryan being the Grifter, Kendall as the Hacker, Travis as the Hitter, and Wes as the Thief.


And Travis as the Hitter oh my god oh my god yes. There’s soooo much potential for feels too. Like Travis having a similar background to Eliot, except that he went into the military not so much to serve his country but rather as a way of making a name for himself after feeling so identity less from hopping from foster home to foster home…and he threw himself into the military life, and realized he was pretty good at this sort of stuff, until a man with a bunch of stars on his shoulder asked him to become the Best of the Best and how could Travis turn that down? Except he didn’t realize what they would ask of him. And the identity he carved out for himself suddenly felt sour in his mouth as he was forced to do all these terrible things…when he finally had enough he realized that now that kind of stuff was the only thing he COULD do. So he started contracting out and became a “hitter”, although he vowed he wouldn’t kill unless absolutely necessary. I bet he worked a lot of bodyguard/security type work before Sutton found him.

Wes…oh Wes. I imagine Wes as being the only son of a wealthy family with all these expectations of who he should be and how he could act resting on his shoulders. And for a while he tried to be that Good Son, but was soooo unhappy and was just the black sheep of the family, and it made him bitter against his family and people like them. Maybe he used to take ballet/gymnastics with his sister, and was really good at it and enjoyed it, it was one of the few things they let him do that was like really a part of himself. And he realized he could use this to start stealing stuff, as a sort of revenge tactic. Over time it became less about revenge and more about the rush and how much FUN it was. And maybe he starts to steal more high profile things and everything for that rush. (It becomes why he and Alex split up, she finds out he’s a thief and it goes against her own personal morals. But because she still loves him, and figures he’s not like killing people or anything, she never actually turns him in.) The high profile cases get him noticed by the community and he starts to build his own underground business off of it which becomes how Sutton finds him.

GOD I NEED THIS AU ugh ugh ughhhhh


This is all perfect!

Travis would be the first one to jump at the idea.  Like at first it’s kind of for the money, but then he the fact that he could help people sells him on the idea.  Wes takes a little convincing, cause he works alone and his people skills aren’t great. 

Just imagine Wes freaking everyone out but just leaping off a building and stuff, and annoyingly stealing Travis watches and bracelets just because he can.  Travis getting angry with him because “you came from money, why do you have to do that.”   Travis gets him back messing with some of Wes’ things.

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