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Mizu’s 30 Day OTP Challenge

I wanted to do another 30 Day OTP Challenge, and I found on here, but it had some of the prompts already did from the 30 Day OTP Challenge that I already did.  So I created my own, boring a few prompts from the new challenge I found and some of my own.  Posting this for myself and anyone else who might be interested.

  1. Getting lost somewhere
  2. Pet names
  3. Patching each other up
  4. Hospital visits
  5. Scar worship
  6. Making fun of one another
  7. A death of someone close
  8. Sleeping in
  9. Hugging
  10. Watching the other sleep
  11. Drawing each other
  12. Having a lazy day
  13. In a Fairytale
  14. Geeking out over something
  15. Teaching each other how to do something
  16. Needing each other
  17. Washing something
  18. One of them is sick
  19. Spoiling one another
  20. Shopping together
  21. Buying flowers for the other
  22. Competing
  23. Being old together
  24. Dealing with children
  25. Trying to seduce one another
  26. Interacting with family members
  27. Moving in together
  28. Falling in love
  29. Doing chore around the house
  30. Pillow talk

Do it if you want, in whatever way you want, and tag it Mizu’s 30 Day OTP Challenge (cause they would be cool).  I’ll probably do this myself sometime before the summer is over.

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